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It has been observed that some student groups are organizing private picnic/events and are using the name of Karachi Medical & Dental College for promotion. This is to notify and warn all concerned that Karachi Medical & Dental College has no relation/concern with any of these private picnic/event organizers. Students are recommended to be cautious...
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With reference to an upcoming event titled as “Afghan Short Documentary Contest”, Higher Education Commission (HEC) invites all enthusiastic Afghan students studying in Pakistan under HEC Scholarship to submit a short documentary video sharing their higher education experiences in Pakistan using high resolution cameras or smartphone. Theme: Education Experiences of Afghan Youth studying in Pakistan...
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Enclosed find hereby a tentative seniority list of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Senior Registrars & Demonstrators of Karachi Medical & Dental College. If there is any query /objection should be notified within 15 days to the Undersigned. Otherwise these lists treated as final and authentic.
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