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First Semester Module – Foundation Module Theme (HYPOVOLUMEA)

A 38-year-old male came to ER with severe diarrhea (10 episodes) during last 6 hours. His B.P was 90/60 mmHG, Pulse 110/min, R.R 24/min, temperature, (a febrile.)

Investigation shows *Na: 134 mol/L, *K+: 2.5 mol/L. Complete Blood Count (CBC): Normal

On the basis of above scenario answer the following question.

*He was diagnosed as a case of Hypovolumic shock by the In-charge of ER.

Normal Values

Na= 138-146 mol/L

K+=3.8-5 mol/L

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is percentage of total body water and describe its distribution?
  2. What are the factors effecting water distribution?
  3. What is hypovolumea?
  4. What is homeostasis?
  5. Give at least 4 causes of hypo-natremia.
  6. What are the differences between isotonic, hypotonic & hypertonic solutions?
  7. Define Osmosis and factors effecting Osmosis?
  8. Justify that water is universal solvent?
  9. Justify that water from the medium of cytosol. ECM and blood?
  10. Discuss the dissociation of water and its contribution in pH?
  11. Describe the extra cellular matrix in relation to mineral contents?



Venue: Physiology Lab