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Held on Friday 12/10/2018 at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (Seminar Room).

The event was chaired by the Principal KMDC Prof. Syed Mahmood Haider, where all Clinical Heads & Units Heads were invited.

Presentation was delivered by Dr. Shama Mashhood (Incharge: Department of Medical Education KMDC).

Highlights of the Meeting:

Being the chief executive of attached hospitals of KMDC, Principal Prof. Syed Mahmood Haider has taken initiatives to develop clinical care standards for KMC hospitals in line with current trends.

The most important aspect of health care is the excellent standard of care provided to the patient. WHO define health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease”. Fundamental values of health care include relevance, quality, cost effectiveness and equity which are dually endorsed by all nations and governments. In order to fulfill the fundamental values of health care there is a need to develop clinical care standards in local perspectives.

In this regard a meeting was held with all clinical HODs of attached hospitals of KMDC. Principal Prof. Syed Mahmood Haider briefed the participants the idea and importance of developing clinical care standards. A presentation was given by Dr Shama Mashhood. All HODs welcome the proposal of Principal Prof. Syed  Mahmood Haider and actively participated in the discussion. All agreed to the concept of delivery of appropriate care, to reduce the risk of harm, to improve the clinical outcomes and to reduce unwarranted variations in patient care. Developing clinical care standards has clear advantage for consumers (Patients), for health professionals and for health services authorities. In the best interest of patients, a multidisciplinary team approach was decided to be developed to endorse and promote a climate of safety and quality.

Use following link to download the PowerPoint presentation.
Here are some glimpse of the event: