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First Semester Case Base Learning (CBL) – 4 1st Year M.B.B.S FOUNDATION MODULE Theme (Twin Pregnancy)

A 35-year-old woman came to outpatient department with complaints of amenorrhea for last 3 months and excessive vomiting. Her pregnancy test report is positive. On clinical examination per abdomen height of fundus is 16cm. Ultrasound scan revealed 2 gestational sac in uterus.


  1. Anatomy:
  2. Define twin pregnancy.
  3. What are the predisposing factors leading to twin pregnancy?
  4. What are monozygotic and dizygotic twins?
  5. Classify the twin pregnancy on the basis of fetal membrane.


  1. Clinical:
  2. What are the signs and symptoms of twin pregnancy?
  3. What are the complications of twin pregnancy?



  • Langman’s text book of embryology
  • Keith L. More Embryology
  • Obstetrics by Ten Teachers