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Division of Medical Education (DME) is an academic department established in KMDC. It was  established to promote excellence in all discipline of health profession, better health care and provision of services. Medical Education (Health Professions Education-HPE) is a separate and independent discipline as per Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. ‘Health Professions’ means any health or allied health profession that is licensed, certified or registered by a state board, agency or association.


In this capacity, Division of Medical education plays an active role in providing education services. DME held various Faculty Development Workshops, Interactive Discussion Sessions, Questions Review Activities, Curriculum Review and reform meetings. It also train the trainers through Professional development Program. With the changing trends and advancement in medicine Faculty Development program foster extensive training in the area of Teaching and learning, Assessment plan & assessment tool box, Professionalism and ethics, Leadership and Management, Curriculum development, Educational research, Communication skills and Feedback pathway for quality enhancement.

DME values, mission and vision are aligned with that of our Institution and emphasized on the importance of three domains; Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude.



Dr. Shama Mashhood


Assistant Professor & In-Charge Division of Medical Education