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Division Medical Education

Department Medical Education

In Pakistan, first Medical Education Department was established by the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan (CPSP) in 1979. With objective to support CPSP in the development of postgraduate training programs, examination system, as well as, to help training the faculties for these programs.

In 2008 Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) sent a directive to all public and private medical colleges in the country to set up Departments of Medical Education (DME).

Health Professions Education- HPE (Medical Education) has been recognized as a separate, independent discipline by PMDC. ‘Health Professions’ means any health or allied health profession that is licensed, certified or registered by a state board, agency or association.

Department Medical Education is an academic department established in KMDC by Dr Shama Mashhood as Head of DME since 2009-2023.


DME is committed to promote excellence in teaching learning, curricular reforms, assessment plans & tools, research and evaluation


To meet the evolving educational needs of health professionals by developing a pool of trained faculty members conversant with the changes in curriculum practices, learner centered approaches,  structured assessment processes and research through faculty development program and other activities.

In that capacity DME played an active role in providing educational services.


  • Establish Faculty Development Program according to the modern principles of medical education.
  • Review and reform curriculum in accordance to the guidelines of PMDC.
  • Introducing new educational strategies & teaching techniques.
  • Provide guidelines in developing the study guide.
  • Introduce feedback from faculty and students to enhance the academic quality.
  • Development of assessment policies.
  • Develop a system of question review.
  • Establish a question bank.
  • Conduct post hoc analysis
  • Devise SOPs and protocol for online learning
  • Provide guidelines for SDL and SRL.
  • Conduct educational research


DME held various activities:

  • Workshops through Faculty Development Program,
  • Guest Lectures through Medical Education Grand Round Program,
  • Item review & reform activities,
  • Curriculum review & reforms,
  • Setting Policies, TORs, SOPs, Protocols, guidelines for Assessment, Curriculum Committee, Online learning, Learning Readiness, SDL & SRL.
  • Feedback pathway for quality enhancement,
  • Research,
  • Evaluation and
  • Students Capacity Building Program.


Students Capacity Building Program:

Interactive Lectures, role plays by students on the given scenarios and feedback received as mood barometer using different emoji’s.

  • Communication skills
  • Breaking Bad News
  • How do we learn (Educational Psychology)
  • Professionalism
  • Learning style
  • Effective feedback
  • BCQs and EMQs
  • Vancouver style