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To ensure that the every need of its students is addressed, KMDC Student Affairs Office caters to every aspect of a student’s academic and non academic activities. May it be counselling, records, discipline or any minute problem—the experienced and compassionate staff at the Student Affairs Office make sure that each issue is addressed and resolved as soon as possible. As a student centred service, the Department of Student affairs is dedicated to enabling KMDC students to succeed academically, become engaged citizens, and to reach their full potential. The approach is holistic and developmental, encouraging students to become well-rounded individuals who are able to make significant contributions in all walks of life.
The Department of Student affairs support and foster intellectual and personal growth of students and help them exploring and experiencing the different aspects of college life. The department takes care of each individual student,  their studies, their social growth, their well-being, their future and determined to help KMDCIANS in enjoying a great experience at KMDC.
Student Affairs department is concerned with student and course administration from admissions through to awards. It plans, develops, improves, implements, and evaluate policies, and procedures governing admissions process, grade processing, credit evaluations, and transcripts issuance. With overall responsibility for student record system, academic and student regulations, students complaints, tuition fee assessment, and exams the department is a significant source of information about rules, regulations and procedures which affect students. It is here that the students come unhesitatingly for generous support and advice.

Professor Dr. Fareeda Islam
Incharge Student Affairs Department