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Theme (Stroke & Hypertension)

A 60 year – old male and a known case of hypertension was working in his office. He suddenly developed right sided weakness and inability to speak. He was brought by his colleague to emergency department. You as casual Medical officer examined him. Patient was conscious. On asking he moved his left upper and lower limb. He was unable to answer verbally. His pulse was 72 / min regular. BP was 200 / 110 mm of Hg.

His complete Blood Count (CBC), Random Blood Sugar (RBS), Urea Creatinine and Electrolyte (UCE) were normal.

His CT – Scan brain plain carried out within 1 hour of onset of weakness is also normal.

His MRI – Scan (Diffusion Scan) showed hyperintense signals in the left cerebral area.



  1. Formation of circle of Willis along with names of arteries participating in its formation and Names of arteries arising from this circle?


  1. Names of main arteries and then branches supplying cerebral hemisphere and meninges.
  2. Blood supply of different functional areas of cerebral hemisphere?


  1. What is Stroke?
  2. Pathophysiology of stroke.
  3. What is the type of necrosis seen in brain?
  4. Types of Stroke.
  5. What is infarction & Necrosis?
  6. What is Liquifactive necrosis and what is coagulative necrosis.
  7. What is thrombus? Difference between a clot and a thrombus.
  8. What is thromboembohism?


  1. What is Tissue Plasminogen Activator (TPA)?
  2. What is Mechanism of action of TPA during ischemic stroke?
  3. What is ideal drug of choice now a day for such ischemic stroke?


  1. What are Broadmann’s areas of motor cortex?
  2. Describe Wernicke’s and Broca’s areas.
  3. Learn causes of stroke in detail.

Community Health Sciences:

  1. Describe the risk factors of stroke.
  2. Mention the causative modifiable & non-modifiable risk factors of stroke.
  3. What measure will you take in the prevention of stroke?


  1. Search for CT scan with ischemic / haemorhagic stroke.
  2. Search for MRI brain with Diffusion scan and MRA for ischemic stroke.


Note: It is requested to the HOD’s to please send the names of the doctors conducting the Case Base Learning (CBL) starting from third week of neuroscience module.