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A mother brought her 5 years old boy to the OPD with complaints of difficulty in walking and standing for long time which has increased gradually during a period of six months. His family history shows a male cousin with same symptoms.

On examination it was found the boy was having difficulty from rising up from sitting position.

Lab investigations revealed raised CPK levels.

Single fiber EMG of biceps brachii showed increased jitter and fiber density value

Histochemical examination shows Fiber splitting and muscle fiber diameter variation and replacement of the normal muscle tissue by collagen and fibrous connective tissue are the most prominent and important findings.



  1. Histological and physiological properties of muscle tissue
  2. Classification of nerve fibers / neuromuscular transmission
  3. Principles of NCVs and EMGs
  4. Purpose of advising NCVs and EMGs
  5. Describe how the NCVs and EMG are carried out
  6. Clinical approach to muscular disorders.