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Case base learning Respiratory Module CBL 1


A 30 years old male presented in OPD with H/O of fever (39.5 °C), productive cough, difficulty in breathing and right sided chest pain for the last one week. On auscultation there are inspiratory crepetitions on basal area of right lung. Lab investigations show WBC 19000/cu mm with neutrophils 85% with shift to left. Sputum culture revealed alpha hemolytic colonies on blood agar sensitive to optochin. Chest X ray P/A view revealed opacity in lower lobe of right lung.

Learning objectives for student:

Define pneumonia

List the pathogens known to be causative agents of pneumonia

Explain the pathogenic mechanism of pneumonia

Describe the findings and differential diagnosis of lung consolidation/opacity and discuss its clinical implication

Radiographic findings of pneumonia

Enlist the complications of pneumonia

Describe the clinical course of pneumonia


To learn types & mechanisms of hypoxia

To learn common causes of sudden onset of Chest pain

To learn common causes of acute shortness of breath

To learn mechanism of hypoxia responsible for acute pulmonary embolism


  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Medicine
  • Radiology

Venue:  Pathology Seminar room

Scheduled: form Monday 16th October