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Case Base Learning (CBL) – 3 2nd Year M.B.B.S

Third Semester

Case Base Learning (CBL) – 3

2nd Year M.B.B.S


Theme (Parkinson’s disease)

A 60-year-old female presented with tremors in hands for 6 months. Tremors were more marked on the right side. Tremors were prominent in the resting condition. She has become slow to work. She climbs the stairs better than to walk on the floor. She has expressionless face. She has no muscle weakness.

Her pulse and blood pressure are normal.

She has normal complete blood count, random blood sugar, urea, creatinine and electrolytes.


  1. Anatomy:
  2. Name the anatomical basal ganglia and their anatomical location.
  3. What are the connections of basal ganglia?


  1. Biochemistry:
  2. Which neurotransmitter is affected in Parkinson’s disease?
  3. Name the receptor of dopamine.


  1. Community Health Sciences:
  2. How to prevent the injuries in the patient suffering with Parkinson’s disease?


  1. Pathology:
  2. Differentiate between Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism and Parkinson plus syndrome.
  3. What is the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease?
  4. What are the morphological findings of Parkinson’s disease?
  5. What is Wilson’s disease?





  1. Physiology:
  2. What is physiological basal ganglia?
  3. Briefly describe the structures of physiological basal ganglia and specify the functions of each structure.


  1. What are the physiological connections of putamen and caudate circuits and learn their abnormal functions.


  1. What is the specific neurotransmitter substance in the basal ganglia?
  2. Pharmacology:
  3. Name the drugs used in the therapy of Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Role of Carbidopa in anti-Parkinsonism drugs.
  5. Role of antimuscarinic drugs.


  1. Radiology:
  2. Search MRI scans of Parkinson’s disease.
  3. Search PET scan of Parkinson’s disease.

Book References:

  • Neuroanatomy by Snell
  • Neurology Neurosurgery illustrated
  • Robin’s Basic Pathology
  • Guyton Textbook (Major)
  • Ganong Review of Physiology
  • Sherwood text book of Physiology
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  • Lippincott (Bio-Chemistry)

Web Based Article:

  • Khan Academy
  • YouTube