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Research Monitoring and Training Centre is determined to develop research skills of faculty members, postgraduate trainees and student. Capacity building furnishes candidates with the understanding of research methodology and biostatistics and generates research skills to conduct research projects effectively. RTMC provide assistance in the development and successful completion of undergraduate research projects. It also provide guidance to postgraduate students for synopsis writing, data analysis and manuscript writing.

Through research methodology workshops RMTC seeks to expand the nation’s pool of medically trained researchers; promote interdisciplinary, graduate level research training . and integrate medicine to applied research training. Our workshops provide graduates, student and fellows with resources  that helps them succeed in their  research, medicine and surgical specialties. RMTC is committed to excellence in research, identifying and supporting areas and projects which allows for undertaking the competitive research and research training. The department provides particular depth of academic and research capability to offer quality research and research training opportunities to medical and postgraduates students.

Prof. Waqar Hussain Kazmi is the Director of RMTC. He is in charge of planning for research activities. Dr Tehmina works as an Assistant Professor in the department of RMTC. The contribution of the Community Medicine faculty members in research methodology workshops reflects their keen devotion for the growth of research activities in the department. RMTC is equipped with the supporting personnel’s including network administrator to help candidates in resolving computer related issues, data entries etc. Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is available for hands on training on research related softwares, data management and analysis for the research candidates.